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ManufacturerModelSerial No.DescriptionPicture
C.G. Conn (Elkhart, Ind.)New Wonder (with mechanism)140xxx• factory gold plating
• micro-tuning slide mechanism forward of 1st valve
• mechanism to enable simultaneous 1st and 3rd valve tuning
• 1914-15 production date
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C.G. Conn Ltd. (Elkhart, Ind.)Victor (without mechanism)214xxx• micro-tuning slide mechanism
• no mechanism for simultaneous tuning of 1st and 3rd valve slides
• gold lacquer finish
• 1924-25 production date
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HoltonCollegiate (model C602)0018xx• yellow brass mouthpipe
• plasma-welded yellow brass bell (4.8125" dia.)
• .459" bore
• clear-baked epoxy lacquer finish
• "JAPAN" stamp on 2nd valve
• instrument produced for Holton by Yamaha
• equivalent to the discontinued YCR-231
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C.G. Conn Ltd. (Elkhart, Ind.)New Wonder Model (Bb/C convertible)149xxx• silver plated
• playable in both Bb and C
• 1916-17 production date
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C.G. Conn Ltd. USA (Elkhart, Ind.)Model 26 cornet328xxx• 3rd valve micro-tuning mechanism
• gold lacquer finish
• 1940-41 production date
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F. BessonBrevetée (pre-war, non-Meha)31xxx• original factory nickel plating
• original case
• second leadpipe and tuning slide
• original besson mouthpieces
• 1884-87 production date
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E.K. Blessing Co. (Elkhart, Ind.)Artist Model32xxx• manufactured between 1935 and 1946
• raw brass finish
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Pan-American (Elkhart, Ind. USA)Cornet123xxx• raw brass (unlacquered)
• 1936-37 production date
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C.G. Conn Ltd. (Elkhart, Ind.)Victor Wonder Model (Great Lakes 15505)(*) 160xxx• gold brass bell with lacquer finish
• micro-tuning slide mechanism
• 1918-19 production date
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F.E. Olds (Fullerton, CA)Ambassador69xxx• gold plated
• 1950-52 production date
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H. Lehnert (Phila.)The American Standard manfactured by H. Lehnert (Phila.)5xx• silver plated
• engraved for "A. Zetzmann"
• late 19th century (1870-90) date of manufacture
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Conn U.S.A.Director (model 14A)H45xxx• gold lacquer finish
• shooting star/marching band engraving on bell
• 1966-67 date of manufacture
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WerilExcalibur E372H28xxx• made in BrazilComing soon!
Lyon & Healy"Silver Piston"272xxx• gold-lacquer finish
• shepherd's crook configuration
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American Knight"De Luxe" long-model cornet81xxx• Bb/A convertible
• silver-plated finish
• long-model
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A.K. Hüttl (Graslitz)Long-model cornet0000xx• factory silver plating
• long model
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C.G. Conn (Elkhart, Ind.)Perfected Wonder model132xxx• factory gold plating
• shepherd's crook configuration
• 1906-1910 date of manufacture
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Couesnon & Cie.Cornet0000xx• gold-lacquer finishComing soon!
Selmer-ParisCornet4xxx• gold-lacquer finishComing soon!